Master your Container Shipping


The Buyer’s Guide to Container Shipping Platforms


If you desire to bring more value to your organization, a maritime-centric Container Shipping Platform is an excellent solution. With the right Container Shipping Platform, you can increase team efficiency, improve visibility for your partners and customers, and reduce shipping costs.

To select the best platform for you, it’s essential to get these 15 questions answered first to make sure that it’s a solution that can scale with you, properly support you, and provide you with all the values you need to achieve your goals.

This ebook will give you the guidelines you need to make the best decision possible and the confidence you need to take the step to a more modern, efficient and secure supply chain. Here are the questions you need answered:

1) Why do you need a Container Shipping Platform on top of a TMS?
2) What are the main benefits of a Container Shipping Platform?
3) What is the ROI of the Container Shipping Platform?
4) Does the Container Shipping Platform vendor understand your industry?
5) How long does it take to get the Container Shipping Platform up and running?
6) Does the Container Shipping Platform provide a complete solution?
7) Does the Container Shipping Platform provide reliable data from your carriers to track your shipments?
8) Does the Container Shipping Platform offer a full carrier network?
9) Does the Container Shipping Platform allow you to work with external parties?
10) Does the Container Shipping Platform provide you with the necessary KPIs over your maritime operations?
11) What is the support system like?
12) Can the Container Shipping Platform scale with your business?
13) What is the Container Shipping Platform’s backup / recovery plan?
14) What is the best purchasing process for implementing a new Container Shipping Platform?
15) If you select a Container Shipping Platform today, are you going to get stuck with it forever?

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